Finding Joy in Life and Business

Effectiveness of Team Meetings

When you are operating a business, it is important to have effective team meetings in order to meet the goals of the company. Brené Brown in her book, dare to lead, talks about how to have team meetings that are more effective and more fulfilling for the team in general. She shares personal stories from her business, about some of the frustrations that arise in their team meetings and what she has learned as a result. I hope that as I share my learning, you will be encouraged to try some of the ideas. Follow the link for the rest of this month's blog article...

To Trust or Not to Trust

When you are operating a business, or hiring employees, or even working as part of a team, trust is necessary. The difficulty is knowing when to trust, whom to trust, and whom not to trust. Brene Brown, in her book, Dare to Lead, talks about the types of behaviours that earns trust.  She contrasts that with behaviours that should warn you that the person should not be trusted.  In researching the topic of trust from sites such as Psychology Today and  the Power of Positivity, I discovered that all the various articles that are written on trust follow a common thread.  Trust is not a given and it is important that you develop discernment in who you extend trust to and who you do not.  This discernment is as important in your business or work-site as it is in your personal life. Read this months blog for the rest of the article...

Quality Leadership

Are you a leader or a follower?  If you are starting a business and need to hire  someone to help spread your vision to other employees you need to find a person with quality leadership skills.  So what makes a quality leader?  It is someone who can see potential in people and be able to help them develop to their full potential.  Quality leaders are definitely not power-wielding, authoritarians that lead by being demanding and demeaning the employees.  Brené Brown in her book, Dare to Lead, talks about what quality leadership looks like.  Read more in this month's blog.

Sage Advice from a Farmer on How to Live Well

There is a lot that can be learned from a down-to-earth farmer and in this month's blog post I have summarized the sage advice from one farmer that Marcia Wieder interviewed in her book, Doing Less and Having More. Now the goal is to actually take the good advice and practice it.  In this summer season, it is time to take a breather from the chaos around us and enjoy where we are right now.  We can choose to rush from moment to moment or we can choose to step off the treadmill of "have to's" and instead fill our lives with the "want to's."

Time Management Ideas

So often in life we end up overworked, over-stressed, and over-scheduled.  Especially if you are trying to run a business, a household and have a social life.  How do you work at managing the 24-hours that you are given in  a day?  Marcia Wieder in her book, Doing Less and Having More, lays out some practical tips that can help you take control of your day.  Read this months blog to get some good ideas.  One thing I have learned is that you need to be in the present and enjoy the moment where you are not thinking about the past or worrying about the future.

Spring Clean Your Life!

I don't know about you - but I hate Spring Cleaning but I always love the final results.  We need to routinely do the same thing in our lives - STOP - evaluate what parts of our lives that need cleaning up and work to make the changes.  I promise you that you will be able to operate your lives better and your business as well.  It may take a lot of effort but the rewards will be worth it.

Building Your Support / Dream Team

To be make sure that your dream actually gets out of your head and becomes a reality it often takes a team.  But you need to build a team wisely so that you are surrounded by people who complement who you are.  You need people who believe in you, will challenge you when you are off track, who can get the work done.  This months article gives some tips on the types of people to look for and the specific skill set that you need on your team.

Tasks - The Momentum to Reach Your Goals/Dreams

One of the biggest hurdles to reaching your dreams is to break them down into reasonable sized tasks that you can successfully manage in 3 month blocks.  The tasks need to be small enough projects that you do not become overwhelmed and give up on reaching your dreams.  For more ideas read this months blog to inspire you to move forward in reaching your dream.  Don't give can achieve greater ease in your life.

Beliefs - Limiting or Liberating

So many times in life we have dreams that are never acted on.  Of all the people with a dream approximately only 20 % of people act on their dreams?  Why is that?  Well it is often because of our limiting beliefs!  What are limiting beliefs and how do we become aware of beliefs that we hold?  Read this months blog to get more information on where you may be sabotaging your own dreams/goals.

Focus on Your Dreams

As people begin the New Year, they often make resolutions or resolve to do things differently. When operating a business, it is a good idea to analyze where your business is at or whether it is time to actually start the dream business that you have been wanting to start but haven't had the courage to. Find out what steps you can take to help achieve your dreams by reading this months article.

Passion - Is it Necessary in the Workplace? 

If you have ever been in a job that you didn't like, just to get money to pay the bills, this months article is for you.  Passion may not pay the bills but having a job that you are passionate about can definitely determine whether your energy is being depleted at work or if you feel fulfilled at work and leave work with energy to spare for your family or hobbies/interests after work.  You can discover your passions and learn how to incorporate them into your everyday life.  Read on...

Ten Ways We Make Life More Difficult For Ourselves

Have you ever felt you were screwing up your own life but didn't know why?  Well now you can analyze your life based on the ten top reasons people end up creating difficulties for themselves.  To change something in our life that is holding us back in business or just in daily life we actually have to know about it. Delve in and see what could be holding you back.

Who Are You? The Benefits of Self-Reflection

The more we know about ourselves the more at peace we will be with our self and with others around us. When we recognize what unhinges us we can become more conscious in our reactions to ourselves and to others.

Ten Steps to Greater Ease

These steps are essential to living a life with greater ease. Each step is explained in great detail so that it can be implemented as soon as possible. It's time to discover a new dimensions to living!

Making Life Easier

There are some skills you may need to learn to be able to have the clear sight you need to stay in focus.  Focus produces results, so how does one manage to be at the point where everything comes together?  How does one become less scattered and have the clear sight necessary to reach the goals we have set out?

Phases of Life

There are different phases of life and each require different amounts of energy. It is important to know what phase of life you are in so you can meet each phase with the right amount of energy.  Some phases take a lot of energy and you need a rest phase to reboot. Take a look at the phases of life and learn what it takes to master them!

Learning to live a life of ease

Fall in love with taking care of yourself by learning to be at EASE! So many times in life we work and work and forget how to live a balanced life. We forget that with living a life of ease that we can actually live a healthier life. When people are starting a private practice or are years into operating a private practice it can be hard to maintain a work and down time balance.

Dazzle Potential Business Partners

At first, I thought that the title of this book was a little strange - 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'. I have friends... and isn't influencing people kind of mean? But once I started reading I was dazzled! This is such a great book. A wonderful guide as to how to work with peers and attract partners or employees for your business.

Why do you do what you do?

Have you ever wondered what you are doing and why you are doing it? There are so many of us who work at a job that we hate or where the politics squash our spirits, but because we need to pay our bills we keep doing it.  Or the schedule of our job is inconvenient or downright horrible, but we feel we do not have a choice. Or we want to have a family, but our life is so crazy that we don’t know how to fit one more thing into it.

The Affair

Too often the urgent pushes the important out.  Everything you do is taking a piece of your time and energy.  So who or what are you giving yourself too? Work, parenthood, a partner, health concerns, etc. Life has become so hectic, demanding, and downright difficult. Each day is a rush to get everything done that we need to get done. We end up depleted, exhausted and down-right overwhelmed.  The sad part is, the next morning when the alarm goes off we wake up and begin the mad rush all over again.

Did you know about the new live Facebook group?

Community is so important when working in health care. We need to rely on each other and support each other. Not only emotionally but also intellectually. Facebook Live is a great new way for us to meet up! Once a week let’s meet and talk about practice tips, legislation, and everything else under the sun. I’ve been going live Tuesdays at 4:30. But I want to hear from you! So let me know when you are free and if there is a time that would work better.

Can you say YES to change?

I know change can be hard and scary. I also know that you cannot just use your willpower to continually force yourself to do things that make you super uncomfortable. So, with these normal natural barriers how do you become the private practice practitioner that you want to be? Baby steps!

How to Network with other Professionals 

Have you ever felt alone in your private practice? Are you a solo-practitioner who was used to practicing in a big clinic? When you are starting a private practice it can be extremely overwhelming at times.  Lots of us are used to reaching out to our co-workers when we aren’t sure of ourselves. This issue might even be your biggest barrier to starting your private practice! Networking is how private practitioners fill that gap in support.

Practice Tips 2017

Instead of keeping paper records that take up a lot of space you can keep your records on an external hard drive. Make sure to change your documents to PDF and sign them off! You cannot leave the record as a word document because you can alter this document at a later date. Also remember the double lock rule – your hard drive still needs two locks to protect the information, which you can ask me more about at any point.