Billing Processes

As you may already know... I love processes! They help me run my business with ease AND they help me remember everything I need to do. The money side of a private practice has a few steps. The number of steps depends on some decisions that you have to make. So, let's make some decisions... POP QUIZ! Don't worry, all the answers are correct 🙂 just depends on your preferences.

Release of information procedure

Whether you are in a solo practice or a multidisciplinary clinic at some point you will be asked to share your records with other professionals, courts, or researchers. This can be intimidating if you aren't prepared for the request. This article will help guide you through how to make this process easy.




Why Children Act the Way they Do

Today we are going to go over four health conditions that are common in children to help you understand the medical reasons behind their behaviours and what you can do to help them. Depending on if there is time we will go over body mechanics to help you stay safe when working with these kiddos.

Accepting new Clients with an Awesome Intake Process

There are many factors involved in building a successful private practice. But the single most important factor is seeing clients. Without clients, you don't have a private practice. This makes it very important to have an efficient intake process!




Happy Easter everyone!

Happy Easter everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend. This month's private practice resource is fun and more for practitioners who work with kiddos!